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Chattisgarh State -India

Chhattisgarh is India's 26th state, covers an area of 135,133 sq km. of the total geographical area of nation India and located in Center of India.

Chhattisgarh state of India came into existence on November 1, 2000. Mother tongue of Chhattisgarh is Chattisgarhi.There are 18 districts (initially there was 15 districts) in the state.

6 States of India which are bordered with Chhattisgarh state -
# Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to the north
# Andhra Pradesh to the south.
# Orissa State to the east.
And by the Madhya Pradesh to the west.

About CGPSC, Colleges, University, Admission in Chattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission, i.e. CGPSC examination held by Chhattisgarh State for graduate students and gazette posts, rajya seva posts. To say CGPSC is a Constitutional Body established to conduct examinations and recruit qualified candidates for appointment to the service of Government of Chhattisgarh.

Prospective candidates of CGPSC 2011 have to be cautious to enter accurate personal details for registration. Regular updates regarding advertisements and notifications of CGPSC 2011 can be accessed by creating a registered profile on the official website. To apply for an examination a candidate must go through the registration process. The CGPSC main exam will be held after preliminary exam for CGPSC 2011.

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CIL(Coal India Ltd.) placement Paper-Original/Exam Pattern/Exam Paper

Thursday, 25 August, 2011
Published by Roma Rahul Gupta for Chhattisgarh Online
CIL(Coal India Ltd.) MT Exam held on 7-8-2011 (Sunday)
CIL(Coal India Ltd.) placement Paper-Original/Exam Pattern
Total question 200
Technical Question=100
no -ve marking

CIL(Coal India Ltd.) placement Paper-Original/Exam Paper
CIL (Coal India Ltd.)Technical question discuss

1. UHF range--------(300-3000)MHz
2. Optical fiber communication----------Total internal reflection
3. Balanced modulator supress --------carrier
4. indirect methode----------------armstong methode
5. the modulation index of AM wave change from 0 to 1, the Tx power -----increase by 50%
6. a source symbol four probability 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/8. the enropy is ------1.75 bits/symbol
7. which can not demodulate SSB-----------product detector
8. a system is criticaly damped if system gain increase then it would be -----overdamped
9. Q meter based on-----------series resonance
10. a meter range is 0-50 mA then sensitivity--------------20 Kohm/volt
11. wave guide act as---------------HPF
12. which device is suitable for very low power oscillator----tunnel diode
13. Tv reception antenna--------------yagi uda
14. VSWR=(1+K)/(1-K)
15. calculate Zo .......if Zoc & Zsc Given (simple question)
16. A high Q has---------low BW
17. Unit of Conductivity----------mho/Meter
18. the shortest stub length lemda required to produce a reactance equal to----lemda/8
19. inductance in series----------L1+L2-2M
20. the valuse of delta n/w is given 5,15 &30 calculate Wye n/w--------3,1.5,9
21. LT[2/(s(s+1)) at t=infinite is---------2
22. energy band gap of Si----------1.1
23. schottky diode is used for --------high voltage rectification
24. in satuartin region----------bith junctions r FB
25. value of Ic & beta was given calculate Ib (very simple question)
26. ideal Opamp is-----------voltage controlled voltage source
27. if square wave is applied to differntiator o/p is--------triangular wave
28. calculate CMRR id Ad=0.35 & aCM=3500
29. eBRESS MOLL model applicable to---------BJT
30. to make N type---------------Phosphorus
31. 1 eV=1.6 x 10^-19
32. a colplementry push pull amplifier use ----NPN+PNP transistor
33. audio & power amplifier use---ferrite corew
34. 43 in Hex & BCD form-2B & 01000011
35. A+ Compliment(A)B=A+B
36. minimum no of NAND required to design AB+CD------3
37. how many 2:1 Mux use to design 4:1 Mux------------3
38. combinational ckt consist of
39. thyristor is a --4 layer device
40. A GTO tyristor------can be turned off By negative current pulse at gate
41. main switching element in SMPS ----------MOSFET
42. which of the following not a linear data structure-------------Tree
43. a logic ckt is given-the required i/p conditiopn to make o/p 1------ans=(0,1,1)
44. which of the following pair is commonly used in the thermocouple
(A) iron steel
(B) Aluminum-Tin
(D) Silver-German silver

45. A Master slave FF has the characteristics that
ANS: change in O/P occur when the state of Slave is affected'

46. the power in the signal X(t)= 8 cos(20 pi t - pi/2)+ 4 sin(15 pi t) is
(A) 40
(B) 41
(C) 42
(D) 82
ANS: 40

46. A Hartley Oscillator is used for
ANS: audio frequency oscillator

#8) Increasing the gain reduces the stability and thus will make it underdamped.
#46) Hartley, colpitt, and clapp all are used for Radio Frequency applications. For Audio freq its RC phase shift oscillator.

CIL(Coal India Ltd.) Non Tech Paper

1. Which innovative discussion process is introduced by the Indian parliament to the
world parliamentary systems ?
(A)Question hour.
(B)Zero hour
(D)Presidental speech.
ANS: (B)Zero hour

2. The first computer made available for commercial use was ?

3. The time period of a pendulum when taken to the moon would ?
(A)Remain the same.
(C)Become zero.
ANS: Increase

4. The world’s only floating national park is situated in ?
(B)Kuala Lumpur.

5.The project snow leopard to conserve the endangered species, by the union
ministry of environment and forests covers the state of ?
(A)Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh only.
(B)Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand only.
(C)Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh only.
(D)Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh and

6.The strong earthquake-cum-tsunami which has moved Japan’s main island by a
few feet and has caused the earth’s axis to wobble is expected to lead to the
shortening of the day by ?
(A)1.6 microseconds.
(B)2.3 microseconds.
(C)3.1 microseconds.
(D)3.4 microseconds

7. "Nomadic Elephant" was the joint military exercise recently held in India between
India and
1 Sri Lanka
2 Malaysia
3 Indonesia
4 Mongolia
8. A Geostationary satellite revolve around earth from
(A)east to west
(B)west to east
(C)north to south
(D)south to north

9. In the budget speech on February 28,2011 the finance minister has announced that an international award with prize money of 1 crore is being institute in the memory of rabindernath Tagore for promoting
(A) international Peace
(B) emancipation of underprivileged
(C) Universal brotherhood
(D) human Rights

10. The maximum limit on poll expenditure for parliament constituencies has been raised in feb 2011 to
(A) 30 lakh
(B) 35 lakh
(C) 40 lakh
(D) 50 lakh

11. South south dialogue is associated with
(A) cooperation among developing nations
(B) Arms conference
(C) Summit meeting between developed & developing countries
(D) All the above

12. Who is authorized to issue coins in India
(B) Ministry of Finance

13. who was described by Dr. B R Ambedkar as the "Heart & soul of The constitution"
(A) right to equality
(B) Right against Exploitation
(C) right to constitutional remedies
(D) right to freedom of religion

14. Who is the current secretary general of UNO
ANS: Ban Ki Moon

15. largest producer state of Coal in India
ANS: jharkhand

16. largest producer of coal in world
ANS: China

17. CIL Authority established in
ANS: 1975

18. Author of the Book "Winner Stands Alone"
ANS: Paulo Coelho

19. Which country is the largest exporter of coal
ANS: Australia

20. website for uploading & downloading the video
ANS: www.youtube.com
21. To flog a dead Horse (Idioms)
ANS: waste one's effort

22. Antonym of Anonymous
ANS: Known

23. The Simple interest on a sum of money is 1/9th of the principle and the number
of year is equal to rate percent per annum. the rate per annum is
ANS: 10/3 %

24. 1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8*9*10*11*12*13*14*15* ?

25. Largest coal producing mines in world
ANS: Coal India

26. rendezvous
ANS: meeting place

27. who is the minister & Minister of State for Coal,
ANS: Sriprakash Jaiswal & prateek prakashbapu patil

28. Distinctly AHEAD is the tag line of which motor company.

he most recent client version of Windows is ------------Windows 7

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