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Chattisgarh State -India

Chhattisgarh is India's 26th state, covers an area of 135,133 sq km. of the total geographical area of nation India and located in Center of India.

Chhattisgarh state of India came into existence on November 1, 2000. Mother tongue of Chhattisgarh is Chattisgarhi.There are 18 districts (initially there was 15 districts) in the state.

6 States of India which are bordered with Chhattisgarh state -
# Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to the north
# Andhra Pradesh to the south.
# Orissa State to the east.
And by the Madhya Pradesh to the west.

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Solved SAIL(MT) Exam Paper for Electrical

Wednesday, 27 July, 2011
Published by Roma Rahul Gupta for Chhattisgarh Online
Solved SAIL(MT) Exam Paper for Electrical
SAIL exam and the exam pattern goes like this

Total time: 15* 05n
Total parts: 2

Part: 1

Technical (100 questions 75 mins)
Part-2 (100 questions 75 mins)
a) general awareness b) verbal c) aptitude d) non-verbal

Questions came from electronics, microprocessor, circuit theory and also from carnots engine, spcific heat, and meachines. There is non mathematics in 2010 SAIL technical part.

Part 2:

General awareness: durandline, t20worldcup, 2010 olympics venue, alpha caratin, khelratna award 2010, bhutan currency, pro ex chairman of planning commission, insurance irda, mealosis desease, India rupee symbol was given by, budha original name, brahma samaj was founded by, sarc countries, heart beat rate, etc.

English (verbal): 5 synonims, 2 paragraphs (each 5 questions), 5 prepositions, 5 articles
Aptitude: questions from mainly simple interest, compound interest and work.(R.S Aggarwal)
Non verbal: Probability (1 questions), logical reasoning, etc(R.S. Aggarwal)

Negative marking -1/4 th

Total questions-250 Duration – 2.5 Hrs


Apti + English+ Gen awareness -150 questions.

Technical was ok and the questions mainly came from Psu book published by Galgotia Publications near about 50 questions came from it. They mainly concentrated on Electrical Machines. Some questions based on power system came from C.L. WADHWA (ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM). However some of the questions which came in exam are as follows.

From questions no.1 to 100 are of technical, about 40 questions are from electronics 2-3 based on transistors, 2-3 based on Fourier transformation, 1-2 questions based on Z-transformation, 2 questions. based on OP-AMP, Some questions.

I remembered are.

1. TRIAC is like Two parallel thyristor, Two Anti parallel thyristor, 2 parallel Diode, 2 Anti parallel Diode.

2. Transformer principle- self induction, mutual induction, static induction, dynamic induction.

3. Relative speed of magnetic fields in synchronous machine between stator and rotor, Zero is right option.

4. Insulation of EHV transmission lines is based on- Switching voltage

5. 2-3 questions are from back side of C.L. wadhwa.

6. 2-3 questions are from back side of P. S. bhimra of machines.

7. What is d cause of not starting of single phase I.M. but making humming noise even when full voltage is applied.

8. Why 3-phase I.M. widely used. All the reasons you read were in option but all of these was not the option, so the best you know may be the answer.

9. IGBT is in general a combination of npn BJT with n channel mosfet and like this other options.

10. For peak load which power plant is suitable- diesel, nuclear, hydro, steam.

11. An extra pin in 3-plug is given for- to provide earthing, prevent from short ckt etc.
Overall tech. portion was not so tough, except some electronics questions.


In English first 15 questions are based on Synonyms, Fill the correct word (generally articles). For the next 10 questions. They give 2 Much complicated passage ( I think that are of microprocessor or from any computer science subject, which they asked as English Language Passage). You have to read THE HINDU news paper with concentration, if you want attempt this part.

G.K. was easy comparatively.

1. 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratn Award is given to- Sania nehwal

2. BIHU is local dance of which state- Asam

3. 2012 Olympic will organize in- London.

4. Sign of Indian Rupees is made by. D. uday kumar.

5. Brahm Society was established by- Raja Rammohan Ray

6. State of max. population in density in India- W.B.

7. Who is the ex-officio of planning commition of india is- P.M., President, Lok sabha speaker etc

8. Which temple is made up by cutting Kailasa Mount- Ajanta, Alora,elephentas etc

9. 20-20 cricket world cup winner of 2010- England

10. Which river drains in Arabian Sea- Tapi, Godavari, Krishna etc

11. Which country is recently become the member of SAARC- Myanmar, Sri lanka, Bhutan etc.

12. Durand line is in between of which two states

13. Currency of Bhutan is

And some more questions I don't remember but this portion was not so tough.

Aptitude & Reasoning:

For doing this section I will suggest you to go through R.S. Aggrawal Book of quantitative aptitude and reasoning BUT do tough questions don't do easy question and time is main factor for cracking this paper.
(1) Which type of motor is used is used for self balanced machines

(a)dc servo motors (b)dc shunt motors (c)ac servo motors (d)ac shunt motors.

(2) Which type of motors has two types of constants in it

(a)Reluctance motors (b)Pole shaded motors (c)dc shunt motors (d)ac shunt motors.

(3) Which type of power plant requires maximum expenditure

(a)Hydel power plants (b)Nuclear power plants (c)Thermal power plants (d)Gas based power plants.

(4) Base load of a power station stands for

(a)2-4 hours/day (b)4-8 hours/day(c)8-12 hours/day (d)12-24hours/day

(5) Bode plot is used to

(a)analyze lead-lag points (b)know maximum stability (c)know relative stability(d)know absolute stability

(6) A wire is placed on the top of a transmission line to

(a)surge high voltage (b)acts as neutral (c)acts as a transmission wire (d)acts as ground wire.

APTI+G.K was simple. For more R.S AGARWAL However some of the questions which I remember are as follows :-

(1) 1/0.05 equals

(a)5 (b)20 (c)50 (d)100

(2) If the radius of a circle is increased by 100% how will then the area increase

(a)100% (b)200% (c)300% (d)400%

(3) If the length, height and breadth of a cuboid is increased by 100%,200%&300% then the volume of the cuboid will increase by (a)3 times (b)6 times (c)12 times (d)24 times

(4) A shopkeeper buys 30 pens .He sells 27 pen at the marked price of the 30 pens. Then what is his profit

(a)31/3% (b)23/6% (c)10% (d)111/9%

(5) After seeing the picture person says his mother is the wife of my father’s son.Then how is the person in the picture and the person
is related?

(a)Nephew (b)Uncle (c)Grandfather (d)Grandson

(6) A can do work in 30 days,B can do it in 40 days. A and B started the work and then A leaved it after 14 days then how much
time did it take for B to complete the work

(a)5 days (b)6 days (c)3 days(d)2 days

(7) When did the Burma was separated from India?

(a)1937 (b)1905 (c)1912 (d)1926.

5 questions on passage & questions based on it.

4 questions on similar words.

5 questions on fill in the blanks with correct words

5 proper words.
gk question

1) olympic 2010 held in------london

2) Currency of Bhutan-------NUGULTRAM

3) Measles is a type of--------VIRUS

4) Heart beat of Adult---------72

5) Heavy, strongest and long bone of body------FEMUR

6) JIm Corbet national park-------------Uttarnchal

7) Rupess symbol designed by-------D. UDAY KUMAR

8) Durand line is Between--------pak & afganistan

9) Winner of 20-20 world cup-----------england

10) winner of Rajiv gandhi khel rattan award-2010---------saina Nehwal

11) which river falls in arbian SEA--------------tapi

12) BIHU is a folk dance of-----------assam

13) budh name------------sidhart

14) brahm smaaj----------raja ram mohan roi

15) company related to insurance---------------IRDA

16) gadar movement telated with------------------hardyal singh

17) new member of SAARA------------------afganistan

18) olive branch signify----------------------PEACE

19) language under 8th schedual----------------22

20) alpha keratin protien present in-------------------FIBER

21) Which state receieve winter rainfall by western disturbance------Tamilnadu

22) equality of oppertunity of all citizen in matter of public employement come under------ART 16

23) Kailasa temple-----------ajanta

24) EX-office planning commision------------Prime minister

25) Most dense populated state.................UP

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