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# Orissa State to the east.
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Monday, 1 August, 2011
Published by Roma Rahul Gupta for Chhattisgarh Online

BHEL(ET) PREVIOUS EXAM PAPER for Electrical check here:
This previous paper is totally based on candiadate's experience.
The entire test paper consisted of 240 questions with 5 options for each question and -1/5 marks for wrong answer with 1 mark for right answer.
The paper consisted of primarily four sections

1) Technical Engg (60 Questions)
2) Basic Engg (60 Questions)
3) Verbal Ability (60 Questions)
4) Quantatitive (60 Questions)

I think to crack this test you have to take the following steps:
The Aptitude portion (English, General math & Reasoning; 120 questions) 

The Technical portion (Electrical (approx 80) & General Engg (approx 40); 120 questions)
Electrical Engg paper has around
1) 15 Questions from Electrical Machines out of this 10 numericals.
2) 8 Numericals from Control System
3) 4 Numericals from Instrumentation
4) 15 Questions from Electrical Power out of this 8 numericals
5) 8 Questions from Circuit and field theory
6) 10 Questions from Electronics (Power & Digital)

General Engg paper has around
1) 35 Questions from mechanical engg
2) 15 Questions from Physics
3) 10 Questions from other general engg
Non Technical paper is very easy.
To solve this paper, speed contains an important factor. We have only 35 seconds to solve a question.
So be fast and All the Best 

For Technical Portion

Completely solve all the chapters of ANY ONE OBJECTIVE Electrical Engineering GUIDE



1)      Solve all the objective questions  which are at the back of these books



·         B L THERJA


Go through the previous 10 year GATE questions which are conceptual in nature. You need not practice lengthy and calculative type questions because you can’t solve them in this test as the time is quite meager. Better leave such questions and move forward.

For General Engg: Basic Physics & Mechanical Engg.

For Non Technical Portion

Golden Rule: Attempt Non Tech portion first.

Questions would be on basic maths and reasoning. Try to attempt as many here.

There are only three ways to bring proficiency in non technical area.

·       Practice

·       Practice

·      Practice

 Books recommended are:-

1. M Tyra

2. Made Easy: Aptitude and Reasoning Book

3. Baron’s GRE (Comparison type i.e inferential questions) 20 questions will be from this book.

For Reasoning you may refer any book like Banking recruitment Guide,

MAT Guide etc.

For English: Be thorough with basic grammar and have good reading skills.

Important Points to Note

* Handle Aptitude first (it helps).

* Avoid (seemingly)difficult or long questions in technical part. There are lot easier questions dispersed all throughout (more towards the end). Try them, each will fetch you equal marks. Ultimately, its the total count that matters and not the type of question you got correct.

 Questions asked in BHEL:
Technical Questions
1.SCR of an alternator is___________________________(Ans :inversely proportional to Xs adjusted in P.U)
2.In Synchronous Impedance method the regulation is__________(Ans: Higher than actual)
3.Thyristor which is in forward blocking method will conduct if________(Ans:-Positive gate pulse to Cathode)
4.SC test of T/F will give __________( Copper lossers)
5 741 IC is an ____________(OP amp)
6.For ideal Op amp _________(Zin =infinite and Zout = 0)
7.S^2-5s+20/S^2+5S-20_______________________( All pass or Band Eliminator or....
8 Memory allocated for LIFO  is _____________(Stack)
9.A register which stores the address of the instruction to be executed is___________(Program Counter)
10 MHO relay is a _______( Directional Over current relay)
11. A directional relay has___________ type of characteristics
12 MC is used for __________(measuring DC)
13 A Converter can be operate as inverter if ______________( Ans Full converter (may be) Commutation circuit also)
14 Coupling  used when the shafts are not inline___________(Universsal)
15.first Nuclear Power plant in India is ____________(Tarapur)
16 Nuclear and Thermal are used as_________( Base Load plants)
17. Which Plant has max No. of auxillaries___________(Thermal)
18.In T/L to transfer max power______(---)
19. An Cascade amplifier has which type of intermediate stages__________(CE-CB)
20 Syn M working @ UPF if Exc is increased it operates at___________(Lead PF)
21 Current corresponding to max Efficiency in a T/f given Pi and R______________(Sqr Rt of(Pi/R)
22. Input to Stator of I/M is 40 KW slip is 5% then Torque in Syn Watts when Stator Cu losses & Iron losses are Neg________________(38 W)
23 Blocked Rotor Test givs ___________(Cu losses)
24. N type impurity is_______________(Phosporous)
25 An Eg of Semi Conductor____________(Germenium)
26 Cable insulation resistance is ______________(inversely proportional to length)
27. Hand driven tools use_________(Shaded pole induction motor)
28 A Hysteresis Motor runs at ____________( Sync , Sub- Syn & Super Syn Speed)
29 Octal 56 to Binary_______(46)
30 Sinusoidal Pulse width Modulation what can be controlled ________(freq , Volt & Harmonic)
31 A nullator is a _____________(find out)
32 First law of Thermodynamics __________(Q=dU+W)
33 In watches which type of oil is used__________(find out)
34 In shafts for operating at high temp type of lubricant used is ___________(find out)
A couple of questions on Thevenin.
Some questions on Control systems ( Basics)
Some on Alternator and T/f parallel operations( 6 Qs)
Non Technical::
Questions on Venn diagrams (10), Percentages-Ratios-averages,  Speed and Work , Kinematics, Shares , Time and Distance, Calendars, Geomentry( 20 Q from Basics)................
Sentence correction( 5), Vocab(Syn n Ant10 Q), Jumbled sentences (5), RC (5 Q), Spellling Mistakes (5Q)
Reasoning :
Blood relations(2), Odd men out(3), Arrange in proper order (3 Q eg: Plant ,cloth, Yarn, saree, cotton.)Deductions,
For all these topics R.S Agarwal is more than sufficient.

1)Unit of Entropy (J/kg K or kJ/kg K)?

2)A mass of 100kg is falling from a height of 1 m and penetrates the sand into for 1 m. What is the resistance force given by sand?

3)Ratio of specific heats of air ? (1.41)

4)A body weighs 3 kg in air. If it is submerged in a liquid, it weighs 2.5 kg. What is the specific gravity of the liquid ?

5)Two cars travell in same direction at 40 km/hr at a regular distance. A car comes in a opposite direction in 60km/hr. It meets each car in a gap of 8 seconds. What is the distance between them?

6)A simple problem involing in hoops stress. For sphere: M= [3/2]*p*V* [density of pressure vessel material/Maximum working stress it can tolerate] For Thin walled pressure walls: Hoops stress or stress in the radial direction =p*r/2t?

7) A problem in force calculation in a body moving in a inclined surface?

8)Composition of bronze?
ans. Copper+zinc.

9) Compostion of stainless steel.?
ans. iron+chromium+nickel+carbon.

10) CI is manifactured in which process?
ans. cupola process

11)What percentage of carbon is preset in pig iron?
ans. 4.5 to 6%.

12)Water is available at 10m height. What is the pressure available?
ans= pressure=density*g*height;

13)What will happen if the speed of the centrifugal pump doubles?

14)The unit eV is widely used in ?
ans. Nuclear and atomic physics.

15)What will happen to the resistance, when the diameter of the conductor is doubled?

16)The power comsumed by a electrical device is 1000W at 250V, What is the resistance in the device?
ans. Power= Voltage*current,
amps. V=IR,
Therefore R=250/4=62.5 ohms.

17)Why DC current is not used in transformer?

18)On what principle the sonar/ radar works?

19)Bending moment diagram for the UDL is in what shape?

20)Function of the distributor in petrol vehicles?
ans. Spark timing.

21)Which is not present in CI engines?
ans. carburrettor.

22)What will happen if one cylinder recieves more amount of fuel spray from injectors than other injectors?

23)Purpose of draft tube in hydraulic turbines?

ans. The purpose of a draft tube is toconvert some of the kinetic energy of the flow from the runner (the rotating part of the turbine) intopressure energy and thereby increase the efficiency ofthe hydro power turbine.

24)What is the effect or reheater in the gas turbine?

The advantage of reheater is significantly increased thrust; the
disadvantage is it has very high fuel consumption and inefficiency.

25)Problems involving with fricition coefficient.

26)Factor of safety = Yeild stress/Working stress.

27)Which is the example of non parallel power transmission (Universal coupling)?

28)For perpendicular shafts worm gear is used?

29)A planet gear with 25 teeth is meshed with a sun gear of 100 teeth. Both are connected using a arm. How many rotations are needed for planet gear to complete one rotation around the sun gear?

30)What is equivalent spring constant for spring in parallel?

31) Some questions was asked related to boundary layer and vortex flow. 
Section-2(Quants&Reasng-85,English-35, Total-120)
1. Problems in Geometry and Mensuration(10-15qns)
2. SI, CI and Shares(3qns)
3. Time Distance(2qns)
4. Ratio and Proportion(4qns)
5. Venn diag (1+1+2Qns)
6. Mixtures and Alligations (2qns)
7. Clock and Calendar (2qns)
8. Time cistern and Work (3qnsP)
9. Time and Distance (2qns)
10. Arithmetic Calc-square roots, cubes, etc (2qns)
11.Age (1qn)
12. Coding and Decoding
13. Analogy, direction, Blood Relations  
14. GMAT model qns-(25 qns)
      Col-A          Col-B
     5X8              6X7
a) col A > col B (b) col A < col B (c) col A= col B (d) no Relation (e) Answer not in option
15. Comprehension Reading-1(5qns)
16. Antonyms& Synonyms (5+5)
17. Spelling Mistake (5qns)
18. Sentence correction (5qns)
19. Jumbled Paragraph formation (5qns)
20. Fill in the Blanks (5qns)
For reasoning  Verbal and Non verbal reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal is more than sufficient. For aptitude R. S Aggarwal is not sufficient. Learn more easy solving methods, Shortcuts-Refer TIME material.
Time is the main constraint-2.5hrs (240qns)….Multiple choice(5 options)…1/5 negative mark.. Concentrate more on section-2…… 

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