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Chattisgarh State -India

Chhattisgarh is India's 26th state, covers an area of 135,133 sq km. of the total geographical area of nation India and located in Center of India.

Chhattisgarh state of India came into existence on November 1, 2000. Mother tongue of Chhattisgarh is Chattisgarhi.There are 18 districts (initially there was 15 districts) in the state.

6 States of India which are bordered with Chhattisgarh state -
# Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to the north
# Andhra Pradesh to the south.
# Orissa State to the east.
And by the Madhya Pradesh to the west.

About CGPSC, Colleges, University, Admission in Chattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission, i.e. CGPSC examination held by Chhattisgarh State for graduate students and gazette posts, rajya seva posts. To say CGPSC is a Constitutional Body established to conduct examinations and recruit qualified candidates for appointment to the service of Government of Chhattisgarh.

Prospective candidates of CGPSC 2011 have to be cautious to enter accurate personal details for registration. Regular updates regarding advertisements and notifications of CGPSC 2011 can be accessed by creating a registered profile on the official website. To apply for an examination a candidate must go through the registration process. The CGPSC main exam will be held after preliminary exam for CGPSC 2011.

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EIL MT Exam Paper For Mechanical

Thursday, 25 August, 2011
Published by Roma Rahul Gupta for Chhattisgarh Online
EIL MT Exam Paper For Mechanical(Based on candidate experience)

There were a total of 150 questions :50 questions frm English,aptitude and gk,100 questions from subject.1 mark for a correct answer and 0.25 negative mark.The aptitude questions take time and akin to the type normally seen in management questions. The gk part was more concentrated on current affairs and rather than Indian history ,geography etc.English part needs some preparation and was not easy.The vocabulary part was tough but only about 5 questions ,should be easy for those who prepare for mba entrance I think. In many cases I have only indicated the portion from which the questions came as the exact wording and options are hard to remember.

For the subject part, majority of the questions were from refrigeration and thermodynamics. Many questions like figure based and assertion reason type, which of these statements are true etc will check the depth of our knowledge of the fundamentals , mugging objective questns from guides will not help to answer majority of the questions though there were some typical questions usually asked. There maybe mistakes in the way I remembered the questions but the specific subject areas from where they were asked is clear.

Paper consists of 2 parts: 1. Non-tech. (50 ques.) , 2. Technical (100 ques.) Duration: 2 hrs

Here we are submitting you the ques we remembered....


Out of 50 ques hardly 3-4 were of general English, no ques.is from aptitude the rest all were GK ques.

1. Which country is rich in thorium..
Ans. India

2. "Eco Mark" is used on products which are:
Ans. Eco friendly.

3. Animax channel belong to which of the following:
a) sony pictures, b)zee, c)star, d)disney

4. first nuclear plant in India was set up at:
Ans. Tarapur

5. Recently India has done "Science Express Deal" with which of the following countries:
a) Germany, b) Japan, c) China, d) Russia

6. Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru award was given first time to the president of which of the following countries:
a) Brazil, b) Mexico, c) Austria, d ) Sweden.

7. Kaziranga National Park is Famous for:
a) Rhino, b) Zebra, etc....

8. APJ Abdul klam is related to which of the following missiles:
a) ASLV, b) GSLV, c) SLV,etc..

9. Progen is the BPO of which company:
a) Satyam, b) Wipro, c) Infosys, etc..

10. Bharat Parvasi Divas is celebrated on which day:
Ans. 9th nov.

11. Pongal is the festival belongs to which state:
a) Kerela, b) Karnatka, c) Orissa, etc..

12. Which dance is known as the "Ballet of East":
a) kathak, b)bharatnatyam, c) kuchipudi, d) manipuri

13. Sunderbans are famous for:
a) Mangroves, b) Tropical forests, etc..

14. The famous Golfer Vijay Singh belongs to which country:
a) Fiiji, b) keniya, c) Maldives, etc..

15. LTTE is related to which country:
Ans. Shrilanka

16. Which of the following is not included in new 7 wonders:
a) Taj Mahal, b) The Grand Canyon, c) machhi Puchhi, etc..

17. Who is known as the father of modren biology?
a) Charles Darwin, etc...

18. P.Sainath is related to which of the following:
a) TV Anchoring, b) Drama, c) Mountaineering, etc...

19. The elephants, the tiger, the cell is written by:
a) Sashi Throor, etc....

20. Anandmath is written by which author:
a) Rabindernath Tagore, b)BC Chatterji, c) Premchand, etc...

21. Bessel 2 norms are related to:
a) Cyber crimes, etc...

22. Steve Fosset is related to:
a) Crocodile Hunting, etc...

23. Dr. MS Swaminathan is related to :
a) planning comission, b) sixth pay comission, c) national farmers comission, etc..

24. First soundless movie of Bolyywood:
Ans. Alam Ara

25. What is the meaning of Dime a Dozen...?
a) easy to get, b) easily available,etc...

26. Nightmare: Dream
a) Dread: Expectation, b) Frustration: Confusion,etc..

27. Meaning of Concur:
a) to deny, b) Unusual, etc...

28. Golden Arches is related to which of the following:
a) KFC, b) Mcdonals,etc...

29. Meaning of: "The way the wind blows" :
a) way the things were , b) way the things are, etc...

30. I would hope that you ____ take tea with me 2mrw.
a)shall, b) will, c) would, d) could

31. In Ambulance which of the aural postural balance is difficult to maintain:
a) nose, b) eyes, c) ears, d) hands

32. the next olympics wiil be held in which country:
a) london, b) New York, c) Paris, d) Switzerland

33. Where is the OPEC head office located?
Ans Viena

General Aptitude
1 . Who is the governer of RBI?
2 2016 olympics will be held in which country?
3 Best movie at Oscar 2009?
4. Who is the first female director to win an award at Oscars 2009?
5 Remnibi is currency of which country?
6. When is World disability day held ?
7 Who invented world wide web (WWW)?
8. "Worlds local bank " is the slogan of which bank ?
9. Shashi Tharoor is MP of which constituency?
10. Who wrote the book " Idea of justice " ?
11 Pandit Ravi Shankar plays whic musical instrument ?
12 "Operation Lalgarh" happended where ?
13. "Gitanjali" is written by whom ?
14. Koneru Humpy is associated with which sport ?
15 Few question on word meaning like : baffle, banal , clindistine , indolent
16 4 questions on fill in the blanks

Aptitude questions were puzzle type

1. 2 ppl A and B play a game with 10 matchsticks.A plays first.Aperson can take a max of 3 matchsticks during a chance.The person who has the least number of matchsticks at the end of the game loses.

How many matchsticks must A take each time to ensure a win?

If A takes only 2 matchsticks in the 1st chance,how many shud he take in each subsequent chance to ensure a win?

Some 4 questns based on this puzzle.

2. A boy has 127 rupees with him in 1 rupee coins.He must fill it in piggy banks so that he can hand out any amount without breaking open the piggy bank.what r th min number of piggy banks required?

A man purchases different materials at different prices and mixes them to make a slurry.Total cost

3. meanings of clandestine,indolence,

4 .The actors speech was so???that the audience got???..

a)sopoforic,sleepy etc

5.onam is the festival of?????

6.Shashi tharoor is from which constituency

7.which award did Hilary mantel get?

8.which banks caption is the world?s local bank

9. which film won 2009 oscar for best film?

10.first female director to win Oscar?

11.world disability day

12.what is FISA?


1.Refrigeration and air conditioning theory,problems on cooling capacity,psychrometric chart - abt 20 questions

2.Thermodynamics,bell coleman cycle,

match the following with air standard cycle and their names

3. how do you compare 2 different engines of same BP a)specific fuel consumption,b)BMEP etc

4. identify the absorption dynamometer

5. match code names of refrigerants

6.what are the qualities of a refrigerant

7.find transmissibility if w/wn =1.414

8. SIMO chart

10.match therbligs with their symbols

11.what is the allowance given the tolerance

12.which operation sequence gives best finish

a)drilling,reaming,lapping b)drilling,grinding,lapping,drilling,grinding electroplating etc

13.given absolute jet velocity and effective jet velocity,find propulsive efficiency

14.at 100% propulsive efficiency,what is the thrust

15.The shear stress due to torsion at the centre of a shaft will be??

16.given the bending moment diagram of overlapping shaft,find the points of contraflexure

17.how is capillary rise affected by diameter of tube?

18.in circular open channel what is the hydraulic radius for max efficiency

19. question regarding flow affected by angle of weirs

20. given stream function,which equation of flow can be irrotational

21.3 questions frm stream function

22.in inviscid flow, the stream lines are parallel.and velocity lines

what is the pattern formed by grid

23.method to trap light impurities in molten metal for casting

24. which of the following contains cobalt

a)tungstencarbideb)CBNc)satellite etc

25 . by what process do you cut internal teeth a)hobbing etc

26 . what is used to transmit power btwn shafts which are neither parallel nor intersect. A)spiral gear b)Oldham coupling

27 . given figure of riveted sheets,which all rivets are most likely to fail

28.what is the purpose of coating given on electrode of arc welding

29. match the metals and different joining processes

Mild steel welding

Bronze brazing

Tin and lead soldering

30. what will help to reduce Detonation in engines SI considering spark timing advance and 10% richer mixture

31. what happens to relative humidity on sensible heating?

32 . given the flow field equation,identify the flow

33.in a perfect frame with 5 joints,the number of links present

34. given the diagram of a 6 link mechanism,find number of degrees of freedom

35 . balancing of a v engine ,diagram was given

36 . in thermosyphon colling, which of these statements are correct

Heat transfer from air to cylinder by convection and conduction

Most heat transfer in radiator occurs by radiation

Most heat transfer in radiator happens by convection

37 . bearing characteristic number in terms of fluid pressure

38. eight assertion reason type questions like mohr?s circle etc

39 what is considered while designing rim of flywheel

40 . when gas in piston cylinder assembly expands reversibly at constant pressure,what happens

a)gas will lose heat

b)gas does work frm stored energy

c)the process proceeds adiabatically

41.in a simple closed cycle what is the measure of the difference btwn the heat given to the system and the work output obtained a)enthalpy B0 internal energy c) entropy etc

42 .a diagram of a composite wall of two different materials of conductivity k1 and k2 and the temperature gradient across wall is given.say if a)k1>k2b)k1

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