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6 States of India which are bordered with Chhattisgarh state -
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# Orissa State to the east.
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GAIL (Gas Authority of India Ltd.)ET Exam Paper For Mechanical

Thursday, 25 August, 2011
Published by Roma Rahul Gupta for Chhattisgarh Online
GAIL(Gas Authority of India Ltd.) ET Exam Paper For Mechanical(Based on candidate experience)

GAIL Exam- Mechanical, in which totally 150 questions were asked, 100 technical questions and 50 aptitude (including GK, reasoning).

Test Consists of Two Sections:
1.) Technical i.e.
2.) Aptitude (Eng., Logical Reasoning, G.K., etc.)

1.) Technical:-

It consists of 100 ques.
In this time's paper, most of the question were based on tecnhicalsubjects,


This section was really very easy!!!
A basic knowledge of mathematical formulas will help to solve all the aptitude questions!!!
Although G.K. was a bit tough for me!!!
The paper consisted of 150 questions MCQ including G.K,Tech and aptitude and time was 2 hrs.
100 questions technical, 50 aptitude +G.K
This exam was different from all others govt. exam. There is no questions from our main subject like digital, analog and other important subjects. The questions were purely based on data comm.. & computer n/w. and some questions were from coding like m-ary, fec, Manchester etc. it was totally unexpected. The time duration was 2 hrs and the total qs 150. There were no negative marking. The technical part consists of 100 qs. & the general awareness part is of 50 qs.

section 2
This section was total gk section quizzing about the day to day happenings,ministers,business partnerships/alliance,company owners,stake holders
section 3
This section was based on the general aptitude + english
1)general aptitude: easy questions on profit/loss,partnerships,ratios,age problems,identifying the odd figure out from
4 figures,finding 4th figure from the 3 given figures,logical questions on sequencing and arranging,ranks.
2)english was easy with a small and easy R.C,fill in the blanks with proper articles,words nearest in meaning to the given word

indusrial producton (Mechanical) branch.
The paper included: 150 questions.

Negative marking: 1/4th

Total questions: 150 duration, 2.0 hours

Technical: 100

Aptitude+English+Gen awareness: 50 questions.

Technical was quite easy and the questions mainly came from R S Khurmi book. They mainly concentrated on material technical, SOM, thermal, stream and boilers, heat transfer, machine design, workshop tech, prod Engg, Industrial management, industrial safty.
Mechanical 100 questions are as follow.

1) The resultant of parrallogram?
Ans: R=(P^2+Q^2+2PQCOSQ)^.5

2) Centre of gravity of hemi sphere?
Ans: 3r/8

3) Time of flight of a projectile?

4) Modulus of elasticity for a tapering section?

5) For what angle does maximum shear stress on a body exist when body is subjected to stress in one plain?

6) If a cantilever beam is loaded wid point load at its free end when the load increases at which section it will break first?

7) mx.torsion on a shaft is in what praportion to the dia of shaft?

8) 3-4 ques on spring stifness(numerical)?

9) What kind of rivet arrangement is called as diamond riveting?

10) Which among dese is not dimensionless?
a) Absolute viscosity b) Specific volume c) Specific gravity

11) Laminar flow characteristic related question?

12) Specific speed of turbine?

13) Unit power of turbine?

14) Discharge through a reciprocating pump for single and double acting

15) Which one is intensive property?
a) Entropy b) Enthalpy c) Density

16) Which among these has highest efficiency?
a) otto b) Diesel c)dual

17) Some efficiency related question on rankine cycle and brayton cycle

18) 3 questions from steam nozzle and turbine like nozzle efficency

19) Velocity related questions from impulse turbine

20) One numerical from gas turbine

21) Genral day to day life question based on heat transfer so understand the concept

22) One numerical based on cross and parallel flow

23) One numerical on LMTD

24) What is equivalent length of simple pendulam which gives the same frequency as compare to compound pendulam.

25) One numerical on no teeth and speed of gear

26) Pitch circle is what kind of circle in a gear one gear wid 200 teeths anodr wid 50 teeths meshed 2 gadren how many raotation of smaller gera will make 1 revolution of bigger gear
Ans: 4
27) 2 concept question on governers

28) 2 questions based on balancing of rotating masses

29) 2 questions related to vibration

30) 1 questions on limit fits and tolerance

31) What is endurance limit ratio

32) What is fatigue or stress concentration factor

33) What is the strength of riveted joint

34) What kind of thread is used if power is to be transmitted in 1 direction only

35) Overhauling case will have frictionb angle greater, equal or less than helix angle

36) what combination of material is used 4 bearing manufacture

37) Magnesium is added for which purpose

38) For achieving hardness which procees should be carried(Annealing, normalising, martempering etc)

39) 1 questions related to submerged welding

40) Which welding is done for joining shank of a drill bit (Flash butt welding)

41) What to be use for measuring angle and for locating the w/p at some angle

42) How many nomenclatures are there to completely define a single poin cutting tool

43) One concept question related to upmilling(climb milling)

44) To find out pessimistic time of any project (pert)

45) 2 very basic ques on (fire management)

46) 3 questions related to (Industrial production) like related to routing, schrduling etc

47) 3 economics question (depreciation value calculation, money related conceptual questions)

48) 2 question on (Product design)


1) Stress concentration factor

2) Over hauling

3) Governors

4) Gears

5) Specific speed

6) Material property

7) Critical path in OR

8) Rotational matrix


1) saarac

2) Time and work

3) Graph with problem

4) GK related to revers

In paper there are two sections.

1) Technical
2) General Aptitude.

Technical Paper.

There are 100 questions in this section. Covered almost all the topics given in the syllabus given for GAIL exam. But mostly concentrated on Manufacturing and Industrial planning subjects. I am giving some of the question which I remember:

1) Significance of Biot number.

2) Wavelength range of Thermal radiation

3) Mode of heat transfer from a chilled cococola bottle.

4) Two question on type of heat exchangers

6) Which of the following is the intensive property. Mass, Volume, Specific enthalpy, Density

7) Process occuring in Carnots cycle.

8) Max Efficiency for same CR in Otto, Diesel and Dual.

9) Probelmatic question on energy supplied in steam turbine unit by giving the pressure limits.

10) Which will have high COP value a. 20 deg super heat or b. 20 deg subcooled.

11) Given an equation for average velocity and asked to calculate the covective acceleration at specified length.

12) Pitot tube is used to calucate the velocity of

13) To eradicate the overe turning of vehicle which has to be done. Reduce the mass, Reduce the Speed, Make the CG down for the vehicle.

14) Two questions on stress concentration factor.

15) Why governing is required in the turbine.

16) Why air vessel is placed in the reciprocating pump.

17) A problem on the blade speed of the impluse turbine.

18) Formula for specific speed of turbine.

19) 4 questions on damping factors.

23) What is the operation we perform in the CAD to fill the patches.

24) What is the meaning of cast iron SG 400/15

25) What happens to the cast iron rod when manganese is added to it.

26) Two questions on stress concentration factor.

28) A question asked on usage of keys.

29) Type of bolt used in heavy machinery.

30) A theatre providing e ticketing is mainained by which platform. This is question related to management.

31) Three questions on gear mating.

34) If l/r ratio is increased what happens to its primary and secondary forces.

35) Maximum value of x power 1/x.

36) Slope of the curves Y= a power X and Y=b power X

37) Two questions on intergration.

39) A question on variable and operation cost in management science.

40) Hardness of the cast iron bar can be increase which process.

41) Which type of fit is involved in G6/g7

42) What happens to material in spinning operation.

43) Why multi point cutting tool is used.

44) How can be directional solidification eradicated.

45) What type of welding is used to weld molen metal.

General Aptitude:

In this section, there are 50 questions having a mix up from general english, aptitude and general knowledge. Some of the questions are:

1) What is the penalty imposed by US govt if any company leaks the gas into ambient.

2) Which nation president dead in flight crash recently.

3) Who had given the new symbol for Indian currency.

4) Who purchased the home belongs to Gandhiji in Capetown.

5) Which state is having the least population growth rate in year 2009.

6) Who won 2010 Canadian Grand Prix race.

7) Which river is passing towards the Arabian sea.

8) Where is the new high wattage power plant constructed recently.

9) Surrounding which planet some type of ring is identified recently.

10) With which nation army, Indian govt started hand in hand operation.

11) A picotrial graph chart is given about population cencus of five different years of three different parties, asked 4 questions related to chart.

15) A reading comprehension is given and asked 4 questions. RC is too big to read and one question is tough to answer.

19) Three questions on Compound interest problems.

22) A question from profit and loss.

23) Two logic related questions. Sitting arrangement and book cricket.

25) Fill up the missing statement. There are about 10 questions realted to this. This questions are little tricky and two options are looking same.

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